The Ranch-Raised Advantage

When it’s time to eat, do you know where your fish came from? When you’re eating clean, farm-to-fork trout from Frontier Trout Ranch, you can be sure that your fish were not bred in polluted oceans, lakes, and streams full of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, radiation, and other waste.

Our all-natural, Colorado-raised trout set the standard because of the pristine nature of the water in which they live and the careful design of the ecosystem in which they are raised. Our fish are delivered to our distributor the day they are harvested and are never frozen. They are antibiotic-free, hormone-free, gluten-free, and are locally grown and naturally fed.

Our water source provides up to 3.4 million gallons of pure Colorado water every day. Mountain rainfall has been filtered for millennia through thousands of feet of deep sand and soil to reach the sealed, confined aquifer several thousand feet deep. If that’s not enough, we’ve strategically placed censors throughout the fishery to monitor the water quality, measuring oxygen saturation, phosphorous, nitrogen, and ammonia levels. In addition, water flow and temperature sensors help optimize oxygen, phosphorous, and nitrogen levels allowing for a maximum feed conversion ratio.

These safeguards, along with our numerous ranch-raised advantages, allow Frontier Trout Ranch to grow natural, healthy Colorado trout for the health-conscious consumer.