Our Trout

Because of the single-source, closed water system whose design allows for optimum control of the quality of the ecosystem, Frontier Trout Ranch is able to produce clean, naturally-tasting trout with no muddy flavor. Our trout are hand-harvested and farm fresh, offering a premium product to the market with no chemicals, hormones, artificial coloring, or antibiotics.

Our primary trout is rainbow trout, but we are one of the very few suppliers of the food service industry that can also provide fresh, never frozen specialty breeds of trout on a seasonal basis.


Our premium rainbow trout have a sweet, natural mild taste with a delicate, yet firm, texture. Many restaurants serve rainbow trout in their trout dishes, as the fish is easy to prepare in various cooking methods, including grilled, fried, broiled, baked, and smoked.

Also known as palomino trout, golden trout are cooked in similar ways as rainbow trout. These coldwater fish are found in higher altitude lakes and streams. When cooked the golden trout is mild and the meat is firm.

The cutbow trout is a mix between a rainbow trout and a cutthroat trout. Like its two parent breeds, cutbow trout has a mild, slightly sweet taste. Its texture also has a flakiness to it, even more than the typical rainbow trout.

A splake is a cross between a brook trout and a lake trout, though the taste tends to be more along the lines of a brook trout. Splake tend to be larger fish, and, thus, often produce larger filets.

ARCTIC CHAR (Available Fall 2019)
Arctic char are closely related to both salmon and lake trout and have many characteristics of both, but consumers sometimes prefer it to farm-raised salmon because it has a more delicate texture and a clean, mild flavor. The high fat content in Arctic char makes it well-suited for dry-heat cooking such as broiling and smoking. Arctic char tends to be considered of very high quality and not widely available, making it more desirable.


Our premium, delicious trout are primarily distributed by Shamrock Foods. We harvest our trout weekly and deliver to Shamrock that same day, ensuring you the freshest Colorado-raised trout available. Don’t be fooled by “Rocky Mountain trout” from other states. Insist on Colorado trout by name from Colorado’s Frontier Trout Ranch.