Our Process

Frontier Trout Ranch hatches tens of thousands of eggs per week, raising each fish for 18 months before harvesting. The state-of-the-art facility provides a native environment for the trout, including free range raceways and ponds. This allows for the production of market-ready fish raised in an ecosystem full of natural food sources such as crawfish, shrimp, salamanders, minnows, and snails. This native environment free of pollutants provides the trout with a firmness and a true trout flavor via their symbiotic relationship with the other species with which they share the water.

At any given time there are hundreds of thousands of trout of all ages, sizes, and species within the closed water system. Radical advances in technology over the past decades have also greatly enhanced the quality, production, and recycling efficiency of fish farming in general. Specialized water monitoring and natural-based feed and medicinal treatments help create a healthier, higher quality trout.

We continue to make strides within the operations of the ranch by focusing on increased production efficiencies, including increasing rearing densities, improving recirculation technologies, developing superior strains of fish for improved growth, controlling maturation and gender, improving diets, and reducing phosphorus concentrations of effluents.