About The Ranch

Since 2013, Colorado’s Frontier Trout Ranch has raised premium Colorado trout on its 163-acre ranch in the San Luis Valley. Our family-run, all-natural trout farm produces rainbow trout and other specialty trout breeds for the food service industry throughout the region, blending tried and true aquaculture techniques with the sustainability of a single-source, closed-water system in order to grow superior, fresh, natural fish.

Frontier Trout Ranch has created a trout farming niche market. The design of our closed system allows for optimum control of a quality finished product that is literally monitored from egg to dinner plate, thus creating a fresh, natural, healthy food source for the health-conscious conscious consumer.

The Krantz family-run all-natural Frontier Trout Ranch is managed by Kermit Krantz, a pioneer in modern clean, sustainable fish farming techniques. Kermit has extensive experience in operational management and has developed Frontier Trout Ranch into Colorado’s premier source of trout for the food service industry. He is trusted throughout the industry and recognized as one of the region’s foremost experts in his field.

After our fish are processed by our distributor, all byproduct is purchased back by Frontier Trout Ranch for a bio footprint of approximately four hours. We then grind and compost the byproduct to develop a high-grade fish hydrolysate for use by commercial farmers in the San Luis Valley and other places and for crops such as alfalfa that are used to feed cows on organic dairy farms.